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The Campus Service Cooperative (CSC) is a Minnesota State Colleges and Universities strategic initiative in support of the goal of providing the highest value and most affordable option of higher education for the students of Minnesota. The Campus Service Cooperative approach is realized through its focus on efficient, high quality, and transformational delivery of services, while respecting the distinct educational mission of each college and university. Learn more.

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News from the CSC...

Michael Noble-Olson

The CSC's newest staff member

Michael Noble-Olson 

We are pleased to announce Michael Noble-Olson of  Minneapolis Community and Technical College has agreed to serve as interim chief procurement officer for the Campus Service Cooperative.  Michael will work to identify, implement, and launch sourcing opportunities for all of our colleges, universities, and the system office.  Please welcome Michael to this new position.

CSC Newsletters

The CSC is looking for innovative ideas.  
Our goal is to use ideas from around our system to help MnSCU colleges and universities improve the services they provide to students, employees and the community. This includes finding ways to redesign our administrative processes; develop new partnerships that improve the delivery of programs and services; leverage our collective purchasing power to get better value on the products and services we buy. 

If you have an idea you think should be considered, please use the form to tell us about it.  Whether it is an idea for a simple, but important process improvement or a large-scale, multi-campus partnership, all ideas are welcome and encouraged!

Statewide Contracts 

Using the collective purchasing power of our system, the CSC has negotiated systemwide contracts with vendors that enable us to have some of the most competitive prices in the marketplace.  We are able to negotiate the best prices when vendors see the opportunity to capture most or all of our business for a particular product or service.  We, in turn, benefit from the spending of all our peers, even when our individual purchases might be modest.  So, the contracts work best when they are used as much as possible by all of us.  It is in this spirit that we encourage you to purchased form the CSC vendor contracts, whenever possible. There may be times; however, when the items you are buying are not available from the CSC vendors or, if available, the items may not be priced to give you the best value.  In these cases, please feel free to use the vendors that give you the best value for your dollar.  When that happens, let the CSC know what you find, particularly those with dramatic differences, so we can share your experience with others and talk with the vendor about being part of a future portfolio of CSC contracts.  We will use this information to shape the current pricing and as part of our annual review of these contracts.